SSL Coming Soon

With Google’s stance on SSL and more and more websites using it, I will be adding SSL to the domain in the next couple of days.

Currently, if your website is served over SSL none of my eBay widgets will work as these are all currently loaded via standard non-secure HTTP. Once SSL is installed on this domain, the widget coding will change to ensure that they are loaded via HTTPS instead.

If you already use any of the widgets and are thinking of installing an SSL certificate you will need to update your widget code, the easiest way to do this will be to re-generate the code.

eBay Widgets WordPress Plugin Coming Soon

I am currently in the process of developing a eBay widgets wordpress plugin for all eBay tools/widgets featured on this website. At current, this includes the following:

Although it is currently possible to embed the widget code directly into a WordPress page or post via the text tab, the plug-in will make this process even easier by making use of WordPress shortcodes; it will simply be a case of writing a shortcode where you want the widget to appear.

I am always happy to welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have for this plug-in, so if you use WordPress for your website feel free to get in touch.


eBay Listing Widget Bug Fixes & Changes

It was recently brought to my attention that the Your eBay Listings widget had a couple of functionality issues. The first issue was when selecting a country other than UK the listings were pointing to the eBay UK site instead of the selected eBay country specific site. The other issue was quite similar in that the text list version of the widget was only working for eBay UK.

I can confirm that both of these issues were caused by a recent update and fixes have been made.

To make these fixes the links now point to the domain but are then automatically redirected to the relevant eBay site.

Thank you to those that pointed out these issues.


Widget Update: eBay Listings Disabled

Please note that it is now no longer possible to embed any of the eBay widgets into your live eBay listings. This was never the intended purpose of the widgets, you are still able to embed the widgets into any website external from eBay, for example your ecommerce websites, blogs, etc.

If you did have any widgets added to your eBay listings they will unfortunately no longer work and instead display an error message.

50,000 Free eBay Listings for Business Sellers

eBay are currently running a new promotion for business sellers. If you’ve been invited you will have received a new message from eBay in your eBay messages inbox. The new promotion is for free insertion fees on up to 50,000 new listings. This promotion will run until 2nd November 2014 so it’s best to get listing now if you’ve been invited.

The only conditions are that the listings must be in the Buy it Now format, which is mostly used by business sellers anyway.

Website launch and and introduction

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my brand new website,

The website has been under development for some time now and is finally ready for public use. Free Seller Tools was initially created to provide a solution to promoting your eBay business outside of eBay. At the date of launch the website includes 3 tools/widgets for this purpose which allow you to embed your eBay listings, your eBay profile and your eBay feedback. The widgets are all self-updating which means they will always show live and current data from your eBay account.

Over the coming months I plan to expand on the current tools available, perhaps looking into developing widgets for alternative marketplaces. All tools and resources on this website will always be free with no membership required.

I hope you find the website useful and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.